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Jun 10, 2015

Conscious Fashion

Moda consciente. Moda real. Hay muchos aspectos desde los cuales abordar este tema. Yo lo voy a hablar desde mi punto de vista, desde mi experiencia.

Ultimamente las compras, las ofertas estan por todos lados. Si ustedes son de un pais con problemas economicos y vienen a los Estados Unidos me podran entender, podran entender las ganas de comprar muucha ropa, de aprovechar cada oferta, porque en su pais las oportunidades no son las mismas.
Cada semana tengo mas ropa, pero llegue al punto que me di cuenta que si compro mas no me va a entrar en la valija a la hora de volver. No me mal entiendan, me encanta comprar y no lo voy a dejar de hacer, pero voy a comprar de una manera mas consciente, buscando lo que necesito, aprendiendo a rechazar ofertas cuando no son espectaculares y rechazando las espectaculares cuando son innecesarias. Al comprar mucho parece que uno nunca tiene suficiente.

 Mi objetivo es, cada dia, armar outfits nuevos con lo que ya tengo. Ese es el proposito de este blog, mostrar que con poco se puede hacer mucho. Esa es la verdadera moda para mi. La moda real se trata de creatividad, no de derroche.

Creo que el verdadero motivo de este post es contarles el objetivo de mi blog. Obsessed Fashion Blog se trata de moda real, de hacer looks unicos con lo que uno tiene, mostrar mi personalidad a traves de la ropa. La moda es mi medio de expresion, es mi arte.

Lo que espero lograr con mi blog es inspirar a las chicas y mujeres. Ese es mi sueno, poder inspirar.
El otro dia una amiga que no veo hace mucho tiempo em dijo que ella ama mi blog, que soy su inspiracion de moda. Ese es mi sueno, imaginense la felicidad que tenia cuando me dijo eso!
Espero poder inspirar a muchas o pocas chicas, pero inspirar al fin.

Tengo mucho para aprender, muchas ganas de crecer. Tengo todo mi futuro por delante, y se que en ese futuro quiero que este el blog, tengo la voluntad para mejorar dia a dia. Espero que me sigan acompanado en esta aventura, y que se sumen muchas mas.
Hoy fue un post diferente. Espero que les haya gustado y que las haya podido llevar hacia una reflexion efectiva.
Mucho amor para ustedes!

Conscious fashion. Real fashion. There are a lot of interpretation to this topic, today I'm gonna give you mine.

Lately sales and clearances are everywhere. If you guys are like me, if you're from a country with economic issues and you come to the US you can understand me, you can understand that rush to shop a lt, to buy every saingle sale, because in your countries the opportunities are not the same.

Every week I have more clothes, but I reached I point where if I buy more clothes I won't be able to fit more clothes in my suitcase. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping and I won't stop doing it for ever but Im going to shop in a more conscious way, looking just for what I need, learning to let sales go when they're not amazing, and rejecting those that are amazing if they are not necessary. When we shop a lot it seems that we never have enough.

My goal is, everyday, create new outfits with what I already have. That is the purpose of this blog, to show that you can make a lot with less. That is true fashion for me. Real fashion is about creativity not about waste.

I think that's the main reason to write this post, to tell you the real purpose of my blog. Obsessed Fashion Blog is all about real fashion, creating unique looks with what we have, showing my personality through my clothes. Fashion is how I express myself, fashion is my art.

What I want to achieve with this blog is to inspire girls and women. That's my dream, to be able to inspire.
Last week a friend, whom I haven't seen in a while, told me that she reads my blog and that I'm her fashion inspiration. That's my dream, imagine my excitement when she told me that!
My desire is to inspire lots of women or not a lot, it doens't matter, just inspire someone.

I have a lot to learn, a big desire to grow. I have all my future ahead of me, and I'm sure the blog is going to be always there, I'm willing to get better everyday. I'm you're with me through out this journey and that more can come in the future.
Today's post is different than usual. I hope you've enjoyed it and that it could make you think and rethink what fashio means to you.
Lots of love!


  1. loveee this! I like looking at fashion blogs that are "economically safe", meaning I dont need to break the bank to recreate an outfit I love :) it's all about creating and recreating outfits with what you already own!

    Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thank you! You can totally come to my blog for affordable looks!

  2. I love the idea behind your blog! I've definitely started to shop smarter, and it makes me feel a lot better about myself and the environment. A lot better for my wallet too!

    Only one piece of advice - it's a little hard to read all the words when they're all the same level if that makes sense? Like there are no capitals or lowercases, and that makes it really easy to lose your place.

    Angelina Is

    1. Omg! Thank you for telling me, I forgot to change the font today! Thank for the lovely comment and for telling me that!
      Obsessed Fashion Blog

  3. I love the idea behind your blog...very inspirational! :)


  4. i do also buy loads of clothes but I kinda never throw them away unless i really wear them until they are no use anymore. usually i give them to family or friends and I still rewear stuff from 10 years ago.

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  5. Good luck with the blog . I´ll be watching it all days ^^

  6. Very helpful post! I think the same about obsession for shopping :)
    Have a fantastic day :*

  7. Muy bien dicho, mujeres reales que visten moda real, al alcance de todos, con tendencias pero invirtiendo mucho en fondos de armario que perdurarán por años! Me alegro un montón de lo que te ha dicho tu amiga!!
    Un beso enorme!

    Lucia Gallego Blog
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  8. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que escribes, esta genial conjuntar estilismos con prendas que tenemos sin comprar muchas, y eso es lo que hago yo. Pero a veces de vez en cuando es necesario renovar el armario o añadir alguna prenda nueva sino nos estancamos :)

    Un beso,


  9. Really love the post :)


  10. Wow, what a great goal you have :)))


  11. I love the idea. Good luck with your blog.


  12. great post

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  13. For me conscious shopping is really important. I live wearing the same things but in different ways. I always try to shop my closet.

    Great article!

  14. Fashion is art! Art that moves and flows! I hope everyone could see that!

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  15. This is a really nice post Euge! It's nice to know what you aspire to be. Thank you so much for sharing. ^_^ Have a lovely day!


  16. I agree absolutely to what you write here! I try to do the same but not always with the same success :)
    xx Rena
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  17. I think its soooo important to tihnk about the way we consume and what kind of consequenes it has for the environment and the world in general! So to consume more consciosly is very very important in my mind! I am glad to read that you feel the same way :)

  18. I enjoyed reading this post :) Honestly I don't usually buy anything that is trendy or anything that is on sale. If I shop, I only buy items that i really/ badly want for a long time but still I wait for it to be on sale. :)) I love mix and matching and coming up with a cute outfit although I've repeated the clothes endlessly. You are an inspiration to many and I hope you continue to inspire more :)

    Have a nice day!


  19. Totalmente de acuerdo, un post genial:)


  20. I love this post! I really like that you talk about the economical side of fashion. I am a huge fashion lover but I do think we should consume less in general. Even if you have the money. We should think about other people who may not have the same opportunities as us and think about the future while making our diccisions about our lifestyle. xx

  21. Tienes mucha razón, hay que saber crear outfit con lo que se tenga.



  22. This a very nice idea, I love luxury brands, but normally I'd try to save money! ;)

  23. I love this post, I always create new outfit with what I already have in my closet. I rarely buy new things.

  24. Hola, me encanta tu blog y esta entrada. La verdad es que estoy muy de acuerdo y es un gusto leerlo, porque si de comprar se trata podríamos armar miles de outfits, sin embargo es más difícil el hacerlos con los recursos que tenemos. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, ya te sigo y estaré por aquí seguido :3

  25. Yes, I liked this post very much! It's true, one spends so much on things that are not needed, and ends up like she/he never has anything :) I liked the conscious fashion concept very much, I wish you a lot of success - by what I read here, I am sure this is the right way!

  26. Muy de acuerdo contigo!!!! Creo que lo interesante es saber apañarse y crear outfit bonitos con lo que tenemos en nuestro armario!

  27. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo! Sin tener muchísima ropa se pueden crear outfits nuevos y de tendencia haciendo diferentes combinaciones
    Un besito

  28. Great style dear!
    Love Emina


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  29. Obsessed with this post! You have great style!