Jan 1, 2017


This is not the typical new years post. The start of 2017 is the perfect excuse to do some changes on our blogs. We are used to saying "new year, new life", why not say "new year, new blog"?
Here are some useful tips to kickstart the new year with an amazing blog. By the way, this is also for me, I want to upgrade my blog so bad, Let's get started!

  • Take a look at your blog like you're a visitor. Ask yourself what would you want to find in a blog, what would you look for in a blog. Look at every detail: the font, the title, the blank spaces, how the posts are placed, e v e r y t h i n g. And write down all the things you'd like to change. 
  • Check out popular blogs that belong to your niche. Look at their blogs carefully. Never copy something that other blogger has, instead, get inspired by them. 
  • Write down in one sentence what the main purpose of your blog is. 
  • Set a list of goals. But, actual goals. Set a due date!
  • Think about a new section that your readers would like. 
  • Plan, plan, plan. Have a notebook just for your blog, write down ideas, make a post schedule. Don't improvise your posts, think and rethink them. 
  • Do your research! Read a lot about html and ccs, if you know the right codes, you can make your blog so professional. It's not as hard as it sounds, google is the best help.
  • Use your own pictures. This is gold. I know, some of the photos available online are so perfect, but it's always better to create your own content. that says a lot about all the effort you put into your blog. 
I hope this post was helpful and that this year is great for all of you! 
Happy New Year!